Autogas technology being tested in Zimbabwe

The latest statistics from Zimbabwe Energy and Power Development Ministry show the country has a daily gasoline and diesel demand of more than 871,000 gallons and over 1.1 million gallons, respectively, which requires foreign currency to import.

Moreover, drivers experience long queues to be able to refuel their vehicles, due to Zimbabwe’s consistent rampant fuel shortages. While these difficulties persist, Autogas could be a solution for the African country and will help alleviate the shortages, according to the local company Intergas.

In December, Intergas, in a partnership with Nigerian alternative energy company THLD Group, started preparing Autogas for the local market. That collaboration, however, has been delayed by the COVID-19 lockdown.

Over the past months, Intergas has converted six of its vehicles to run on Autogas. According to the company, it has an initial target of switching 15 vehicles monthly to this fuel for a fee of between $700 and $1,300.

“LPG does not leave impurities in the engine and vehicles require less frequent service,” said Intergas Chief Operating Officer Gift Chitanda.

Intergas has already set up an Autogas station in Aspindale, a town in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, and is also partnering with existing service station operators to install these special dispensers. For more information, please check this link.

27 May 2020