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Autogas is showcased in Poland

The Polish LPG Association held its second annual ‘LPG – Exceptional Energy’ international conference in Warsaw 6 -7 March 2013. Well over 150 delegates attended the two day conference which included speakers from Europe and Asia.

The aim of the conference, which targeted the industry in Central and Eastern Europe, was to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to better understand the needs of individual national markets, highlight new trends and identify new challenges for the LPG industry in the region. The conference also offered participants an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience, as well as to facilitate greater integration of the LPG industry in Central and Eastern Europe.


Presentations by invited speakers were divided into four thematic sessions:

  • Exceptional Times require Exceptional Energy.
  • Different Markets, Different Challenges.
  • The Future of LPG.
  • Innovation – Case Studies.

The conference was supported by the Ministry of Economy, the Social Council for Low Carbon Economy Development, the World LPG Association (WLPGA) and the European LPG Associations (AEGPL).

The Conference agenda included an official gala dinner at the Grand Theatre – Gala Dinner of Warsaw, the cultural centre of the city. The stately interior of the theatre and the presence of costumes from the most spectacular operas as well as the musical entourage created a decorous setting for this unique gathering.

The second international ‘LPG – Exceptional Energy’ Conference was accompanied by the International ‘Gas Show 2013’ Exhibition, held at the same time, under the patronage of the Polish LPG Association (POGP). Gas Show is one of the biggest and most important industry events in Europe covering all types of gaseous fuels. The association took the opportunity to present its Annual Report at a press conference during the event.

Poland remains a leader in the global Autogas market and the ‘Gas Show 2013’ exhibition showcased many of the new developments occurring in equipment and technology in the Autogas industry. Included this year were Autogas systems, pumps, dispensers and complex equipment for the filling stations, producers and distributors of fittings and devices for LPG and compressed natural gas (CNG), valves, regulators, heating systems, LPG cookers, LPG transport, storage and distribution systems, and cylinders and tanks for LPG, CNG and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

To illustrate the pedigree of Autogas, Bart van Aerle – the Managing Director of Prins Autogas – drove his 500 break horse power Porsche Panamera, fitted with a 4.8 litre V8 engine converted to Autogas, from Holland to Poland to show delegates that Autogas is not a ‘poor man’s fuel’. The car has been fitted with a 60 litre Autogas tank. The car was put on display at the Prins stand at the exhibition and attracted a lot of interest – and some envious looks!

Lobbying for Autogas at the House of Common in the UK

Calor Gas – part of the SHV group – held a reception at the House of Commons in London on 11 March 2013 to promote Autogas as an alternative transport fuel in the United Kingdom.

The key messages to the government representatives who attended were:

  • There is an extensive network of Autogas filling stations across the UK to support the fuel.
  • Although there are many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across Europe with Autogas as an optional fuel, there are none in the UK.
  • For the Autogas market to develop in a sustained fashion, there needs to be a strong long-term commitment from government in the form of an exemption from the road fuel excise tax.

As the UK budget was due later in March, the event was very timely. Over twenty Members of Parliament and representatives from the House of Lords attended the two-hour reception.

Calor Gas and Shell staff, together with representatives from UKLPG, AEGPL and the WLPGA had the opportunity to present the arguments to policy makers, including members of parliament and peers from all political parties.

The United Kingdom has been selected as one of the countries where the WLPGA will work with the national association – UKLPG – in support of the Autogas market; this was the first of several activities planned in 2013 with participation by the WLPGA.

WLPGA GAIN Meeting in Japan

Thirty five delegates attended the first GAIN meeting of the year in Tokyo on 26 February 2013. GAIN is the WLPGA network group which focuses on developing the global Autogas business.

The GAIN programme includes the publication of these Autogas Updates four times a year as well as other Autogas focused initiatives.

Joel Pedessac, who is also the head of the French LPG Association (CFBP), is the current Chairman of GAIN but will be stepping down in July when Armando Vicoso of Repsol in Spain takes over.

One of the highlights of the GAIN meeting in Tokyo was the presentation made by representatives from Matsuda Japan, who presented the latest information and plans for launching the dedicated Autogas Mazda Axela on the Japanese market. The following day, a demonstration car was brought into the city for delegates to view and test-drive. The model was of particular interest to delegates from Australia and the UK because, like in Japan, the steering wheel is on the right-hand side.

Warring Neilsen of Elgas has fun test-driving the dedicated Autohas Mazda Axela

The specification details for the dedicated Autogas vehicle are:

Engine:                                   1600cc 16 valve DOHC Model Z6-VE

Stroke/bore ration(mm):       78.0 x 83.6     

Compression ratio:                10

Fuel system:                           Electronic Gasoline Injection (EGI)

Fuel tank capacity:                 94 litres (80 litres 85% full)

For more details on the GAIN programme, the WLPGA Autogas Lobby Plan and current intervention activities, and recent industry development, please feel free to contact David at