Autogas market continues historic growth in France

Autogas keeps expanding in France as 4,528 new LPG-powered vehicles were registered in January 2023, compared to 2,939 units in January 2022, i.e. + 54% and a market share of 4%, the largest increase in the alternative fuels segment. In addition, there were 2,030 vehicles registered in the second-hand market (i.e. +7.55%).

LPG has advantages for reconciling energy transition, mobility, purchasing power and also social inclusion, according to France Gaz Liquides association. It is also a response to energy independence and crisis, as its supply does not depend on Russia.

Autogas has been used in France for more than 40 years by more than 220,000 motorists. Thanks to its environmental qualities, all LPG vehicles benefit from the Crit’Air 1 sticker, regardless of their age, and can drive without restriction. It offers a solution for driving in current and future low emission zones.

There are more than 1,500 Autogas service stations covering all the French territory (i.e. one station every 70 km), distributed in cities, in the countryside and on motorways. LPG car owners can drive everywhere and at a lower cost with a full tank (filled in less than two minutes), while having an increased range (400 to 600 km, in addition to the petrol range of the vehicle).

Moreover, Autogas is one of the most economic fuels in France thanks to a low Internal Consumption Tax on Energy Products (TICPE). The price of LPG fuel remains affordable, at an average price of €0.96 per litre at the pump, nearly half of the price of gasoline and diesel.

In 2023, the LPG market will maintain its momentum, since it is a solution that corresponds to the needs and expectations of the French in the face of the energy transition.

Source: France Gaz Liquides

Photo: Foto de Clément Dellandrea (Unsplash)

15 February 2023