Autogas is part of the International Meetings of Eco-friendly Vehicles in France

France Gaz Liquides, professional organisation of the liquid gas & biogas sector, was a partner of the International Meetings of Ecological Vehicles, held in Alès on 7-8 July 2021. The event was attended by authorities of all types of sustainable mobility sectors, as well as elected officials who listened to the needs of the territories and entrepreneurs.

One of the topics addressed was the development of low emission zones and the ban on cars classified Crit’air 3 in cities with more than 150,000 inhabitants by 2025, in order to meet the Climate and Resilience Bill.

On behalf of France Gaz Liquides, Emilie Coquin highlighted that it is possible to continue to travel in low emission zones while polluting less and without changing cars. Autogas vehicles are Crit’air 1, and all new or used petrol vehicles can be converted by a professional LPG installer. In this regard, the association explained the conversion process at its stand and offer attendees to test an Autogas vehicle.

“Watch out for the energy mix, we do not want a predominance of the fairy electricity. The evaluation of the pollution of a vehicle must include the analysis of life cycle, which calls for the development of fuels that are already cleaner, such as LPG, to reduce pollution immediately and globally, in a balanced mix,” commented MP Bruno Millienne.

With its low price and an average difference of €0.69 /litre compared to Unleaded 95, and 0.57 €/litre compared to diesel, LPG is an economical alternative for many motorists and that is available immediately. For more information, please visit this link.

21 July 2021