Autogas Day, an unmissable meeting with leaders addressing industry’s most recent developments

Autogas Day will again be part of LPG Week, featuring the 35th World LPG Forum & European Liquid Gas Congress and taking place on 13-17 November at La Nuvola, one of the most iconic buildings in the entire city of Rome. This event “will provide unprecedented value for attendees, exhibitors and visitors,” according to the organisers.

Regarding the day dedicated to the Autogas sector, it will take place on Friday 17th November. It is a dedicated Conference held once a year that provides a global platform to discuss the most recent developments in LPG as a transport fuel, from policy trends, to market success stories, to innovation.

On Autogas Day 2023, attendees will be able to “hear from industry leaders and external speakers on key developments, challenges, and opportunities.” It is also an opportunity for the industry to get involved through local activities targeting key stakeholders worldwide.

The opportunities for Autogas are part of the ongoing discussions with industry experts, car manufacturers, policy makers and influencers. These include the compelling proposition of lower emissions. Other opportunities and innovations from Italy and the rest of the world – including engines, equipment, and renewable fuels – will also be presented.

Join us on Autogas Day 2023. For further information, please check the official website.

8 November 2023