Autogas conversion network expands in Algeria

Petrogel announced it plans to have an Autogas conversion centre in every province of the country by 2024. Aligned with the policy of the Algerian Ministry of Energy, aimed at reducing petrol consumption and controlling the import bill by converting 1 million vehicles to LPG by 2030, the company also announced the increase in its conversion capacity and rate with the introduction of an innovative installation method.

Created by Petrogel R+D team, this new system, called “Smart Installation”, allows Autogas kits to be installed more efficiently and quickly converting a vehicle in less than an hour. The equipment, launched at the company’s conversion centre in the province of Batna, is an automated mechanism that allows vehicles to be transported continuously on an assembly line with a precise route for the installation of the kits.

“We are very proud of this accomplishment, driven by our company. This perfectly reflects our commitment to innovate and invest in Research and Development over the long term,” said Petrogel’s CEO, Hamza Guettai. “The adoption of this innovative mechanism ensures impeccable quality and achieves the objectives of converting more vehicles to LPG. We plan to build a conversion centre in every province, all equipped with this system by 2024.”

“In addition to saving time, this new technology provides reliable and quality service. This revolutionary process facilitates the conversion process and offers flawless quality thanks to a flawless control system. It minimises the error, if not eliminates it,” added Guettai.

Through its subsidiary Ecogel, Petrogel currently has a conversion capacity of 20,000 vehicles per year across all its conversion centres in Algeria. For more information, please visit this link.

19 February 2020