Autogas car take French roads in Alternative Solution Tour


On a journey of more than 2,350 kilometres in 12 days, the Alternative Solution Tour was launched on 12 February with eight students in an Autogas vehicle, as part of a programme in favour of eco-consumption and sustainable development.

Originally launched in 2016 by the CFBP (French Committee Butane and Propane) and the CVE (Environmentally-Friendly Car Club), the tour aims to discover regional initiatives regarding circular economy and sustainable mobility, while limiting the impact on the environment, polluting less and spending less money, with an Autogas car. This year the results of the tour will be shared in May at the National Student Sustainable Development Meeting in Paris.

During the tour stops, the students along with the different local authorities take the opportunity to inform the general public about Autogas benefits, including preferential parking rates in some cities such as Bordeaux, and support the widespread use of this fuel.

The Alternative Solutions Tour is also part of the AIM2FLOURISH platform, supported by the United Nations. This project aims to gather students from all over the world to discover and communicate the most promising innovations to meet the Millennium Development Goals of overcoming poverty, while intelligently addressing technological and ecological challenges. Want to know more? Please visit here.