Argentine company completes country’s first LPG dual fuel conversion on a bus

Sifer Gas has successfully completed the adaptation of the first diesel bus to the dual fuel diesel/LPG system, and has already demonstrated a significant cost reduction and a reduced emission of polluting gases. Sifer has a long history in the conversion of cars to Autogas and owns a network of LPG filling stations in the North of Argentina.

The company is now testing the converted vehicle, and next month it will officially announce the results of the country’s first trial carried out on a Mercedes Benz bus, whose original diesel engine was retrofitted.

“The engine has now both options, only diesel or diesel/LPG; in the latter case it uses the two fuels in different percentages depending on the state of fuelling,” explained the President of Sifer Gas Raúl Persoglia. He also revealed that in the first field tests, the bus already achieved savings of up to 60% in consumption, while in the city it reached a 35% of improvement.

Moreover, the company has another vehicle on the test bench that will be fully transformed to Autogas, completely replacing diesel, which is expected to reach a range of 3,000 km with the use of four 120-litre cylinders of LPG.

Persoglia also commented that the company already has an LPG-converted Amarok pick-up truck in permanent activity, which consumes 40% less diesel on its daily journeys, thanks to the contribution of Autogas.

In terms of economic benefits, he pondered that the savings jump is considerable, “mainly in the heavy duty transport segment, where the use of diesel is being reconsidered and there is a greater gap with respect to price,” Persoglia added.

Source: Surtidores

24 May 2023