Argentina’s Autogas market may take off with new franchise

SIFER GAS, an Autogas pioneer in the country, plans to offer their brand to the national market by mid-September. So far, the company operates in the provinces of Chaco, Formosa and Corrientes, in north-eastern Argentina, with its own outlets, and San Juan, in the northwest, with an outsourced one.

In these moments of compulsory quarantine, where the fuel supply registers falls of more than 50% in sales, SIFER GAS wants to take advantage of this decrease to focus on one of its main objectives: to create its own franchise of Autogas service stations. “We calculate that in 90 days we will have all the contractual part finished as to be able to offer the franchises,” said Raúl Persoaglia, owner of SIFER GAS.

He also commented that they are making progress in all the procedures together with a private consultancy, which is advising them. “In total, there are 11 user manuals that we are preparing”, he said regarding the issue of the license.

With the launch of franchises, SIFER GAS hopes to make a quantum leap. This is an important commitment by the company, considering that the market is still weak due to the mandatory quarantine.

However, Persoaglia is optimistic. “We are hoping that by August it will be possible to reach the same pace that we had prior to quarantine,” he added. For more information, please visit this link.

24 June 2020