Argentina: new procedure for the renewal of Autogas vehicle wafers

A new modern telemetry system aimed at improving the quality standards and traceability of LPG refuelling began to be tested at four of the five Autogas service stations located in Chaco, Formosa and Corrientes, in north-eastern Argentina.

“Now we need to install the tool in the filling station located in the province of San Juan to close the circuit,” said the President of Sifer Gas, Raúl Persoaglia, one of the main promoters of Autogas in Argentina.

In this context of development of control technology, Persoaglia informed that in order for the converted vehicles to be integrated into the telemetry, two chips must be placed, one in the fuel nozzle clamp and the other in the inlet valve.

“For the purpose of providing all the cars that today run on LPG, all converted at Sifer Gas’s workshops, drivers will get the free chips at the time of renewal of the respective enabling wafer,” detailed Persoaglia.

He announced that the new vehicles to be switched to Autogas will be provided with the computerised devices while every year from now on, when the wafer has to be verified, it will be controlled that the chips continue to adhere to the correct surfaces. These devices will be the ones that automatically prevent LPG from being refuelled in a car that does not have the technical and safety conditions in order, through the crossing of data between each point of sale and the company’s central server.

“We have already started the test period for the exchange of parameters between the service stations and there were no problems in the procedures,” added Persoaglia.

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17 August 2022