AmeriPride adds more Autogas trucks to their fleet

After a successful alternative fuels pilot test, US America textile rental and supply company AmeriPride Services expands its program to include additional Autogas-fueled trucks in their fleet.

In addition to the five ROUSH CleanTech Ford F-59 delivery trucks in Kansas, the uniform and linen company is adding 20 more in Northern California later this year.

“We’ve been extensively testing fuels and vehicles to find the right area and application that gives us the best environmental and economical benefits,” says Banny Allison, fleet services manager for AmeriPride. “Propane autogas reduces greenhouse gas emissions and has easy, cost-efficient fueling infrastructure. Because of our success in Kansas, we are implementing the same propane autogas vehicles in the Sacramento and Fresno areas.”

Each of AmeriPride’s Autogas trucks will emit about 95,000 fewer pounds (ca. 43 t) of carbon dioxide emissions over its lifetime.

AmeriPride installed a private Autogas station with 1,000-gallon (ca. 3.800 l) tank at its Topeka facility. Infrastructure for Autogas is less expensive than any other alternative fuel, the company says, partly due to fewer regulatory requirements.

Currently, AmeriPride pays $1.55 per gallon for Autogas that, historically, has cost up to 50% less than diesel.