Almost 50% of Spanish drivers willing to switch to Autogas


The 16.93% of Spanish drivers would buy a car powered by Autogas and 48.17% would carry out a conversion of their current vehicle so that it runs with this alternative fuel. These are the main conclusions of a study carried out by the Sondea Research Institute for the AOGLP (Spanish Association of LPG operators) among 2,000 Spanish drivers.

Asked about the benefits associated with Autogas, drivers said that vehicles running on this fuel are less polluting (58.67%), are more environmentally-friendly (44.85%) and offer significant fuel savings compared to other mobility options (almost 41%).

José Luis Blanco, Director of AOGLP, said: “The study presents an attractive scenario for all actors involved in the sector, from operators, manufacturers, converters, to R&D groups that are currently undertaking technology development projects. These data show that Autogas is a market reality and that there is a strong consumer demand for sustainable alternatives, willing either to purchase Autogas vehicles or retrofit their current car. Taking into account that we have an extensive network of LPG stations, with more than 500 in operation and 1,200 planned in the next three years, and a significant increase in consumption in recent years, the outlook is interesting in terms of investments. This growth map is also seen in other European and third countries, where Autogas is the sustainable mobility option chosen by 25 million drivers.”

Autogas vehicles are also included in the DGT (General Direction for Transport) eco-labelling as category ECO vehicles, which means that they are not subjected to traffic restrictions in large cities during pollution peaks.