There is wide range of options at the disposal of policymakers within the normal policy-toolbox to promote the supply and use of alternative fuels, including Autogas. The main approaches that governments could or do deploy are financial incentives and regulatory measures. Other measures include support for technology development and public awareness programmes.


  • Excise-duty exemption or rebate
  • Road-tax exemption or rebate
  • Vehicle sales-tax exemption or income/profit tax credit
    (purchasers and OEMs)
  • Tax credits for investment in distribution infrastructure and R&D
  • Grants/tax credits for AFV conversion/acquisition.
  • Faster depreciation for Autogas vehicles and infrastructure
  • Exemption from parking/road-use charges


  • Mandatory sales/purchase requirements for public and/or private fleets (with enforcement)
  • Standards to harmonise refuelling facilities
  • Vehicle conversion standards Coherent and appropriate health and safety regulations
  • Exemptions from city-driving restrictions


  • Government own-use of AFVs
  • Information dissemination and public awareness campaigns
  • Voluntary agreements with OEMs to develop and market AFV technologies
  • Direct funding for research, development, demonstration and deployment of AFVs

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