Workshops in Barcelona ask that all LPG converted cars can access low emission zones

Barcelona-based workshops are receiving more and more drivers interested in transforming their vehicles to Autogas as a measure to reduce polluting emissions from their cars.

In this regard, Ramón Casas, General Secretary of the Gremi de Talleres de Barcelona (union of repair and conversion) and representative of Cetraa (Spanish confederation of workshops) in Barcelona, ​​is asking the government to take into account the reduction of emissions from Autogas cars so that they can access the low-emission zone (ZBE) in the city.

“A vehicle converted to LPG is a vehicle with reduced emissions, but nevertheless it is not contemplated in the change of label”, he highlighted, adding that “the only one considered today is the transformation of a Euro 4 vehicle to LPG, which gets the ECO label.”

This means that, despite the emission reduction, the car will continue to keep the original sticker, and will not be able to circulate in low-emission areas where access to certain vehicles is restricted in cities such as Barcelona.

“The union asks the DGT (Spanish General Direction for Traffic) to review this restrictive measure. Because if the criteria for access to these areas is environmental and our vehicle is reducing emissions, it should, as a minimum, be able to circulate,” Casas added. “The DGT is meeting with the Ministries of Industry and of Environment, but associations such as Gremi and Cetraa are not present, which include professionals from the sector that are indeed carrying out these conversions. We request to attend these meetings to help review the regulations that are already underway.”

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1 April 2020