WLPGA promotes Autogas development in Nigeria

During April, the WLPGA managed a targeted three-week social media campaign to promote the benefits of developing an Autogas market in Nigeria. This focused communications campaign highlighted and promoted the benefits of Autogas in a Nigerian context to a Nigerian audience. LPG consumption in Nigeria has been growing strongly over the last few years, and the Nigerian government has unveiled phased rollout plans for development of Autogas in the country.

Says James Rockall, WLPGA’s CEO & Managing Director, “Our world is becoming increasingly low-carbon and all sectors of the economy need to address emissions. In the road transport sector Autogas should be the fuel of choice for many countries. Why? Because, with its low emissions, low cost and ease of converting the existing vehicles, Autogas is the ideal fuel for quickly improving the air quality in cities and the overall level of greenhouse gas emissions in a country. There are no technology barriers to overcome with Autogas vehicles and LPG is widely used across the world. Autogas is already the low-carbon, low-emissions fuel of today, and with the advent of renewable LPG, low-cost deep decarbonisation can ensure that Autogas is also the road transport fuel of tomorrow.”

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27 April 2022