WLPGA launches “Clean Air India – Breathe Easier with Autogas” campaign to promote the use of Autogas in India

On the 6th of September 2021 WLPGA will launch the “Clean Air India – Breathe Easier with Autogas” campaign, in order to promote the benefits of using Autogas to help improved air quality in India.

The campaign’s launch coincides with the UN’s 2nd International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies on the 7th of September and will emphasise that Autogas is a cost-effective solution that should be part of India’s clean fuel mix.

LPG is already widely used in India as a cooking fuel, but Autogas needs to be incentivised as a clean transport fuel that can help reduce air pollution and improve the quality of life of communities throughout India.

There are over 300 million on-road vehicles in India, currently running on polluting liquid fuels. Converting this existing fleet to Autogas can have a direct impact on pollutant emissions and could result in an almost immediate air quality improvement. Autogas is available today and is perfect to act as a bridging fuel in the Energy Transition.

“Clean Air India – Breathe Easier with Autogas” will be a four-week targeted social media campaign with the overall objective of raising awareness about Autogas and its air quality benefits, by broadening reach to external stakeholders. With the support of Indian Auto LPG Coalition, WLPGA and their members also aim to influence policy decisions in India with key messages through various online channels and media, leveraging the air quality discussion to educate stakeholders on the benefits of Autogas and position the WLPGA and the Indian Auto LPG Coalition as the expert sources on Autogas and transport policy among key stakeholder and decision makers in India.

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1 September 2021