Vialle promotes conversions to Autogas at IAA Mobility Show

On 6-12 September, Vialle Autogas Systems was present at the IAA Mobility Show in München, Germany, to showcase their alternative fuel technologies and address the transition towards low and zero emission mobility as well as the forgotten opportunities to achieve this.

The Dutch company highlighted that many OEM manufacturers are focusing on the electrification of their programmes, which globally, or even in Europe, will take many years and tremendous adaptations in the infrastructure, and forgetting that there are already solutions available to decrease pollution significantly today.

“Driving on LPG will decrease the pollution immediately. A petrol vehicle can be converted tomorrow and start decreasing its pollution straight away. Hardware and infrastructure are available to start decreasing the emissions by tomorrow,” according to Vialle.

Until at least 2030 there will be petrol vehicles sold in Europe. These vehicles will be driven, and polluting, for at least another 10, 15 or even 20 years. The emissions of the currently driven and new sold petrol vehicles can be reduced with a quick and cost-efficient solution that is the conversion to Autogas.

“It’s the global responsibility to increase the zero- and low emission vehicles. Electrified vehicles are a great step towards the future, but we should combine all forces and do not forget the opportunities which are instantly available,” the company concluded.

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29 September 2021