United States: transport authority chooses Autogas vans


The Flint Mass Transportation Authority, in the state of Michigan, will be expanding the “Ride to Groceries” service, with the addition of specially equipped Autogas vehicles. The vehicles, which were purchased by non-profit health organization HAP of Michigan, will be assigned to Your Ride service centres to transport passengers in various locations and have conveniently placed racks for grocery purchases.

The “Ride to Groceries” service was created last year to offset the closing of grocery stores, in what is known as “food deserts”, by definition, areas where there are no convenient or accessible grocery stores. Thus MTA launches this service in order to transport passengers living in food desert locations to stores in other areas for their food and essentials. “Many people feel isolated and we believe this expanded service will have a powerful impact on the community,” said MTA General Manager/CEO, Ed Benning.

With these new vehicles, which can accommodate 10-12 passengers, the “Ride to Groceries” will become a more sustainable service, helping MTA save fuel costs and improve quality air in the region. Benning believes the expansion of “Ride to Groceries” will bring positive change to the community as a whole. “Offering this type of service to our passengers is MTA’s future.”

This new green fleet will be open to everyone, and passengers may set up daily, weekly or even bi-monthly transportation schedules for the service. “The vehicles will come to your home. Statistics show that over 4,000 people in the city of Flint are isolated in their homes. These people need access to groceries and healthcare, and MTA is working to address this issue,” concluded Benning.