United States: Tennessee transit agency receives award for its Autogas vehicle fleet

Northeast Tennessee Rural Public Transportation (NET Trans) and Alliance AutoGas (AAG) have recently received the 2020 Tennessee Sustainable Transportation Award for their joint efforts in improving the air quality in Eastern Tennessee.

NET Trans provides door-to-door, non-emergency transportation to anyone requesting a ride. Its LPG vehicle fleet is equipped with wheelchair lifts and able to serve customers with disabilities throughout their footprint. The company, a not for profit, works as part of the First Tennessee Human Resource Agency, and serves numerous counties in the northeast region of Tennessee.

In 2016, NET Trans implemented an Autogas programme with AAG, and continues to support the surrounding community with its fleet of Autogas transit vans. This past September, NET Trans also opened its third refuelling station at the U-Haul location in Kingsport, Tenneesse.

“We continue to see a need for our service, and Autogas is helping us fulfil that need. Our region is seeing the benefit in fuelling our transit vehicles with Autogas,” said Candace Long, director of NET Trans.

“Seeing what NET Trans has been able to do for their community in such a short time is such an inspiration for other fleets who want to improve the air quality in their own communities,” commented Jessica Johnson, partner and projects liaison for AAG. “Cleaner air is made possible one Autogas vehicle at a time, and we are honoured to be part of that process.”

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17 February 2021