United States: Ohio offers grants to accelerate transition to clean fuel trucks

A new grant from Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will assist owners of diesel- or gasoline-powered class 7 and 8 vehicles (trucks and buses weighing at least 26,000 pounds) to convert or replace engines to use alternative fuels, including Autogas.

According to Ohio EPA, these cleaner fuels and technologies will help improve air quality by reducing diesel emissions such as nitrogen oxide and fine particulates. Grants also may be used for bi-fuelled or dual-fuelled vehicles that can run on both an alternative fuel and gasoline or diesel.

The programme is supported with $5 million allocated by the Ohio General Assembly from the Alternative Fuel Transportation Fund of the Ohio Developmental Services Agency. Eligible alternative fuel vehicles must be registered in Ohio for operation on public highways and be used in business.

In addition, over half the miles driven must be within Ohio. The limit on the total grant award to applicants seeking to replace or convert multiple vehicles is $400,000. A public information session to explain the new grant programme and answer questions is scheduled for 25 January. For more information, please visit this link.

17 January 2018