United States: Indiana government offers LPG grants

The Indiana Office of Energy Development (OED) recently announced applications are being accepted for the Indiana Autogas Propane School Bus Grant programme. The goal of the grant is to increase public school corporations’ access to and knowledge of new Autogas school buses, which help decrease school children’s exposure to harmful emissions, lower maintenance costs and increase fuel diversity.

OED will offer approximately $250,000 in grants to Indiana school corporations to cover the incremental costs of buying new Autogas school buses. The incremental cost is the difference in price between a Autogas bus and a diesel or gasoline bus. Applicants can apply for 50% to 100% of the incremental costs, up to $10,000. The maximum grant will be $50,000 per award, but applicants can apply for a lower amount.

To qualify, Indiana public school corporations must own their buses and have access to LPG fuelling infrastructure or show they will have access if awarded a grant. Additionally, projects must involve the purchase of a minimum of two new Autogas school buses.

By diversifying fuelling sources, schools are able to reduce their exposure to fuelling price shocks and improve their access to affordable, reliable energy. For more information, please visit this link.

24 October 2018