United States: Hino Gas presents new cost-effective LPG dual fuel solution

Texas-based Hino Gas has introduced a new product that plans to improve the Autogas industry in the Rio Grande Valley. The 2Fuel Technologies system is a diesel dual-fuel (DDF) retrofit fuel system that allows diesel engines to operate with LPG blended with diesel.

This new system offers fuel savings of up to half the cost of diesel, making it a cost-effective option and sustainable solution for commercial fleets. In addition, the system can lower emissions by up to 70%, providing the potential for carbon credits and promoting sustainability.

The 2Fuel Technologies system also provides energy independence for businesses and reduces dependence on foreign oil. It offers cleaner engines with fewer oil changes, reducing maintenance costs and improving efficiency. With the ability to operate with any diesel engine and the ability to revert to 100% diesel if necessary, the system is designed to be versatile and reliable.

In addition, it offers increased torque and a “blends throughout the complete high load system” that translates to the highest end-of-day dilution percentage in the industry, resulting in the highest ROI.

Source: Big News Network

29 March 2023