United States: energy company opens Autogas station for public use


Chesapeake Utilities Corporation and Sharp Energy Inc., its wholly-owned subsidiary, have opened to the public their own new Sharp Energy Autogas fuelling station in Georgetown, Delaware.

This new opening marks a milestone for the Mid-Atlantic region, as the new facility is one of a few opened to the public 24/7 and this may encourage more individual people and small fleet to switch to Autogas vehicles.

“We are very proud to add this fuelling station to Sussex County,” said Elaine B. Bittner, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development and Chief Operating Officer of Sharp Energy, Inc. “The stations are supporting the company’s environmental initiatives in supplying Autogas, a clean burning alternative fuel, to the rapidly growing number of fleet vehicles in the area.”

“We know LPG-powered vehicles produce up to 20% lower emissions than gasoline vehicles and offer substantial cost savings on fuel and maintenance,” she added.

With the construction of this new modern facility, Sharp Energy is able to offer a public dispensing centre for Autogas.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was held on June 30 and was hosted by Chesapeake and Sharp Energy and attended by state, local and company officials.