Ukrainian drivers switch to alternative fuels

Ukrainian gasoline market fell by 8.6% last year, compared to 2017. Drivers are 4.9% less steel to use it. One of the main reasons of this decrease is that local drivers are more interested in alternative and more economic fuels, such as Autogas.

To date, the cost of LPG is 12,85 UAH (Ukrainian currency) per litre, while gasoline costs between 29 and 33 UAH. This has encouraged many motorists to switch to this alternative fuel.

Autogas is currently available from approximately 3,500 stations across the country, with over 2,25 million LPG-powered vehicles visiting them regularly for fuel.

Given the country’s unstable situation in the East and substantial damage to infrastructure, Autogas proves much easier to distribute other fuels, since it only needs tanker trucks, not pipelines. Furthermore, LPG conversions are more affordable, which is significant for many Ukrainian motorists. For more information, please visit this link.

30 January 2019