UK industry urges government to develop infrastructure for alternative fuels

The United Kingdom Government must do more to develop a nationwide gas-based vehicle refuelling network to improve air quality, according to LPG supplier Calor. The government published its new clean air strategy to set out how it will work to reduce emissions from transport, homes, farming and industry. But industry experts from environmental groups, vehicle manufacturers and health representatives are claiming the scheme is vague on the subject of roadside emissions.

“We have long advocated that there should be tighter restrictions on pollutants from vehicles as the UK moves to improve air quality,” said Mark Gilks, transport specialist from Calor. “In the absence of any new ideas to tackle roadside pollution, we argue that more should be done to encourage hauliers to invest in low emission technology.”

Moreover, many fleet operators have highlighted the challenges they face in investing in green fleet technology, particularly for longer journeys where electric vehicles cannot deliver the range required. “Gas-based fuels have a critical role to play here,” added Gilks

“Reports from Policy Exchange demonstrate that gas-based fuels including LPG, BioLPG are already a proven solution, enabling fleet managers to markedly improve emissions from the vehicles, with a fast return on investment. This includes substantial reductions in dangerous particulates such as NOx and SOx,” he concluded.

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13 February 2019