U.S. first multi-alternative energy travel centre offers Autogas

The first fuel travel centre in the United States to house multiple alternative energy options has opened in Hartford, Connecticut. The Pride Travel Centre features Autogas infrastructure alongside electric vehicle and hydrogen refuelling stations.

“Autogas plays a critical role in clean transportation, and the addition of this essential energy source at the Pride Travel Centre underscores the vital position it has in achieving net-zero emissions goals,” said Tucker Perkins, president and CEO of the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC). “This is especially true for medium-duty fleet owners looking for an alternative energy that can improve air quality without sacrificing on range, payload, or torque.”

During a grand opening ceremony hosted by Pride Stores and Capitol Clean Cities of Connecticut, LPG-powered vehicles from Nestlé Waters, Yale University, and Simsbury Public Schools were on display alongside the state-of-the-art LPG infrastructure from Superior Energy Systems (SES).  The 18,000-gallon tank and dispenser include SES software that tracks data like driver and vehicle identification, mileage, and gallons pumped, providing a convenient experience for fleets.

“Over the past five years, we have seen substantial growth of work truck fleets using LPG to significantly lower their emissions, thanks in large part to the success of cloud-based fleet management software,” said Jim Bunsey, director of operations for Superior Energy Systems. “By providing users with convenient, affordable, and reliable refuelling, it’s never been easier for fleets to take advantage of this ideal energy source for clean transportation.”

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7 July 2021