U.S. EPA approves new bi-fuel/LPG fuel system for General Motors engine


AGA Systems, LLC announced it has successfully completed all testing for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification of its EcoSyncTM DI Bi-fuel/LPG alternative fuel system for the 2016 General Motors EcoTec3 5.3L direct injection engine that is used in the Chevy/GM 1500 truck series and Chevy/GM SUV’s and the Chevy Police Pursuit Vehicle.

This is the first EPA certification for bi-fuel/propane on this engine platform and demonstrates the broad flexibility of the revolutionary AGA Systems EcoSyncTM technology.

EcoSyncTM is the only true bi-fuel control technology currently available in the market for the EcoTec3 engine platform which is now available for bi-fuel operation on both LPG and CNG.

Vehicle orders can either be arranged by AGA or one of the company’s regional installers can manage the transaction through a selling dealership.

This achievement is another solid step for Autogas, a clean-burning alternative fuel that substantially reduces greenhouse gases and other harmful emissions when compared to gasoline or diesel. The fuel is among the lowest total carbon emissions fuels, showing a 20% reduction in emissions versus gasoline or diesel.

Moreover, it will help fleets opting for the popular General Motor’s models to reduce fuel and operating costs thanks to a cleaner and more economic fuel.