Two U.S. LPG associations join forces to promote training on Autogas technology

Photo: LPG & NH3 Supply Inc.

The Minnesota Propane Association (MPA) and the Minnesota Propane Education Promotion and Safety Council (MNPEPSC) are collaborating on a project to help educate both the LPG industry and the LPG-using public. The MPA and MNPEPSC see this programme as a step forward for LPG safety.

This initiative involves the construction and installation of a dual use LPG dispenser that will help train cylinder-filling industry employees and the Autogas-using public, while also accommodating the public’s refuelling of Autogas vehicles.

The MPA has just recently moved into a new 5 acre property with an 11,000 square foot office and training facility, which now includes a state-of-the-art dispensing system, manufactured by Gilbarco and set up by LPG & NH3 Supply Inc.

With the increase in bus companies and fleets using Autogas, it is the desire of the industry in Minnesota to demonstrate and provide the best facility for LPG refuelling. In addition, this facility will be public refuelling certified and available for 24/7 Autogas refuelling via credit card access.

“Due to its location, more than 30,000 vehicles drive by the new facility each day, on average,” said Dave Wager, executive director of the MPA. “As a result, it has provided us an opportunity to extensively promote Autogas to thousands of people.”

The Gilbarco Encore 700 S dispenser will be utilised several times a week to fuel the MPA’s two Autogas vehicles. Initially, the MPA will dispense about 2,500 gallons annually; however, its usage will continue to increase as more people try LPG.

The project started earlier this year and will end in December. For more information, please visit this link.

23 June 2021