The number of Autogas vehicles continues to increase in Czech Republic

The Ministry of Transport has informed that almost 3,000 Autogas cars, including both conversions and newly registered vehicles, were added to the Czech Republic in the first six months of 2021, which puts LPG in the first place ahead of other alternative drives, such as plug-in hybrids (2,192) and electric cars (1,143).

Conversions have usually made up the dominant share of Autogas vehicles, but last year several new factory models were introduced into the market and their sales are growing, according to the Association of Automobile Importers (SDA).

“In 2020, 1,280 new LPG cars were registered, while in the first half of this year there are already 996,” said Ivan Indráček, Chairman of the Czech LPG Association (ČALPG), who explained that although most Autogas vehicles, nearly 2,000 units, still come from conversions, the share of factory LPG units has increased in 2021.

“Almost 1,900 conversions to LPG were carried out in the first half of the year,” commented Evžen Procházka, a technician at AUTOGAS – CENTRUM, Ltd., in Strakonice, which has specialised in conversions to LPG and CNG for more than 28 years.

According to an estimate by the Czech LPG Association (ČALPG), about 170,000 vehicles run on Autogas in the country. This matches with a solid LPG refuelling network, of almost 1,000 facilities, either within standard service stations or dedicated sites. For more information, please visit this link.

4 August 2021