The ECO-G 100 LPG engine gains momentum among Italian drivers, according to Dacia

Dacia Italy has shared its latest commercial results, which show that while private car market grows by 11.3%, the brand surpasses this expansion by increasing 36.6%, thus confirming its business model with over 90% of sales on this channel.

Dacia establishes itself as the best-selling brand in the private car market with 36,503 registrations in the first five months of 2023 and scores a market share of 9.7%.

With over 26,000 registrations and a market share of 42%, Dacia also confirms its leadership in the Autogas car market. The ECO-G 100 LPG-powered engine is the most chosen by customers with a sales mix of 70%.

“The performances in the first months of 2023 are confirmed as extremely positive and this makes us aware of the fact that Dacia is a mature brand well recognised by customers,” said Guido Tocci, Managing Director Dacia Italy. “Dacia’s goal is to explore new territories, while always remaining faithful to its values.”

Source: Dacia Italy

21 June 2023