Thailand: major energy company continues investments in Autogas market

PTG unveiled its new petrol and non-petrol business roadmap in order to expand businesses and promote the company’s growth and sustainability in every scope. The “PTG Business Outlook: Drive for Tomorrow” plans to upgrade PT service stations and improve services through PT Service Master to meet customers’ needs and demands.

An investment budget of 5,000-6,000 million baht has been set to support their business expansion.

For the non-petrol business, the company’s LPG segment continues to see an increase of fuel sales volume of 40-60%. Its Autogas business is strongly improving customer experience and service and occupies the first position in the market share thanks to the “Taxi Transform” and “Auto Transform” programs.

In this regard, aiming to maintain the original customer base and attract new users, PT is also focusing on expanding the number of LPG service stations to 574 branches from the existing 484 in 2022.

Source: PTG, Thansettakij

12 April 2023