Texas LPG company switches entire fleet to Autogas with state grant

Green’s Blue Flame Gas Company has finished converting the last of its service and delivery vehicle fleet to operate using Autogas, which means that their entire fleet, 100% of their applicable vehicles, are LPG equipped. The company is of the first partners of Alliance AutoGas (AAG), joining in 2010. “We wanted to run everything we could on LPG and make it more accessible to our customers, and I knew AAG could contribute to that goal,” said President of Green’s Blue Flame Gas Company, Joe Green.

Last year, Green’s Blue Flame was able to secure about $65,000 through the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP) to convert their fleet to the Autogas. The TERP programme provides financial incentives to eligible individuals, businesses, or local governments to reduce emissions from polluting vehicles and equipment. “Our state is fortunate to have a programme like TERP, which provides incentives to fleets who want to utilise a clean-burning fuel such as LPG,” commented Brian Green, Business Development Manager for Green’s Blue Flame.

Green’s Blue Flame has 18 total vehicles in their service and delivery fleet, ranging from bobtail trucks to light-duty services trucks. Fuel savings are adding up quickly; the company is currently saving 60% by using LPG in their bobtail trucks as opposed to diesel, and saving 50% by utilising LPG in their light-duty vehicles. Green’s Blue Flame is also pleased to see savings on their overall vehicle maintenance. For example, regulations require diesel-powered vehicles to use diesel emissions fluid (DEF) for daily operation to help reduce particulate matter and NOx. Autogas burns clean and does not require additional fluids like DEF, which eliminates the expense entirely.

“Joe and Brian Green have been leaders in the U.S. Autogas industry for many years. We are honoured that they are a major contributor to the AAG network and have set a fine example by deploying Autogas in their own fleet,” commented Stuart Weidie, President of AAG. “The U.S. should not allow its transportation sector to be subject to another country’s production of goods and materials. Instead, we should all join the movement to use a domestically produced transportation fuel, Autogas, to ensure our national security and clean the air.”

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29 April 2020