Summer vacations across European countries with Autogas

The German Association of Liquefied Gas (DVFG) has released a document providing advices on summer vacations across Europe. “Autogas drivers can still travel cheaply. Anyone who relies on the low-emission alternative fuel and goes to other European countries should not forget the appropriate adapter for refuelling,” says the release.

Inner German destinations will continue to be popular in 2019 – and those who travel with an LPG-powered car will benefit from the continued low price of the alternative fuel when refuelling. In May, Autogas drivers paid an average of 61.4 cents per litre. In addition, around 7,100 LPG filling stations throughout Germany guarantee a longer journey without refuelling.

“If you travel to other European countries, you should think of the right tank adapter. In the Federal Republic of Germany, the ACME adapter is common. This also applies to the Czech Republic, parts of Switzerland and Belgium. A bayonet adapter, on the other hand, should not be missing if the journey includes the Netherlands, England or Spain. In addition, a Euro nozzle adapter is recommended for Spain,” added the DVFG.

There is a total of 46,000 Autogas stations in Europe. For more information, please visit this link.

3 July 2019