State of Michigan funds purchase of new Autogas school bus fleet for Livonia

Livonia Public Schools has acquired 22 clean, cost-effective Autogas buses with funding received from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), with Volkswagen settlement funds. The district was granted $844,386.40 through EGLE’s Fuel Transformation Programme. The buses were manufactured by Blue Bird and are equipped with Roush CleanTech fuel system.

“With our new Autogas buses, the school district saves money, our students get a safe, quieter bus and our community gets a cleaner environment,” said Rick Martin, fleet garage supervisor for Livonia Public Schools. “We think our Livonia Public Schools parents will be impressed by this big step, and they’ll be interested to know that these LPG fuel systems are manufactured right here in Livonia by ROUSH CleanTech.”

“EGLE recognises children’s vulnerability to diesel exhaust and the importance of replacing old diesel school buses with new low emission school buses,” said Debra Swartz, fuel transportation programme manager for EGLE, which serves as the state’s lead agency for the Volkswagen settlement funds. “Reducing air pollutants such as NOx is a goal of the Fuel Transformation Programme, along with increasing the adoption of alternate fuel and zero emission vehicles. Projects such as Livonia Public Schools to replace old diesel school buses with new LPG buses aligns perfectly with these goals.”

“With each Blue Bird LPG bus, school districts can save thousands of dollars annually on fuel and maintenance — and that’s before any clean-fuel funding that further accelerates savings,” said David Bercik, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Blue Bird Corporation. “The power and reliability of domestically produced LPG is helping the nation lead a clean fuel revolution.”

The district installed an Autogas station on its property to help manage fuel costs and conveniently refill the buses. The facility was built at a minimal cost to the school district based upon a contract to purchase propane fuel from AmeriGas. For more information, please check this link.

3 March 2021