Specialists execute live conversion of a 2017 F-250 in the USA


The Alliance AutoGas (an international network of conversion centres) techs recently performed a step-by-step live conversion of a 2017 Ford F-250 at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, USA. The conversion featured Alliance AutoGas’ simplified EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 58 compliant Engineered Fuel System featuring a “plug and play” single plug wiring connector.

The Greater Indiana Clean Cities has partnered with the Alliance in this event, which brought an educational opportunity to all attendees. Kellie Walsh, Executive Director of the Greater Indiana Clean Cities, said: “This real-time installation of a propane fuel system provides fleets a basic understanding of the conversion process, from what is involved to things to consider; the audience gains insight not typically available when making after-market alternative fuel system decisions.”

The key benefits of the Autogas conversion are:

1) Saves Time

Since everything needed to convert the specific vehicle is included in the conversion kit, installs are able to be completed in half the time of other “universal” systems. This means less downtime for a fleet – without having to sacrifice the quality of the system.

2) Offers Consistent Installations

Alliance AutoGas has engineered its Plug and Play System for consistent installations, no matter the installer. A fleet of Plug and Play Autogas vehicles results in easier serviceability throughout the life of the vehicle, whether it is vehicle a single or vehicle 100.

3) Made for a Work Truck

Alliance AutoGas Systems allow for the maximum cargo capacity of any alternative fuel so the operator can use the work truck for work.