Spanish utility renews vehicle fleet with Autogas Opel model


Aguas de Valencia Group has chosen again Opel brand through Automóviles Palma –Opel official dealer- to renew its commercial vehicle fleet and has purchased Opel cars, many of them powered by LPG from factory, as an essential measure to protect the air quality and improve carbon footprint.

With this important acquisition, the Valencia-based company strengthens its commitment with environment protection by purchasing a major part of the fleet in its LPG version, representing a 40% savings in fuel costs, and a reduction of 15% in CO2 emissions and of 80% in NOx.

By choosing Autogas vehicles, Aguas de Valencia will also reduce noise pollution by 50% compared to diesel cars. Moreover, it will enjoy longer engine durability thanks to reinforced valves, like other materials that will guarantee minor breakdowns. In addition, none of its components is classified as producing greenhouse emissions.

Moreover, Spanish company recently introduced in Zaragoza the “Life Ecodigestion” plan, aims to increase production of biogas as a renewable energy and improve performance and energy efficiency of water management facilities.

With all these green measures, the Group is increasing its interest in reducing pollutant emissions and greenhouse gases, fighting climate change and becoming an efficient and environmentally responsible company.