Spanish southern community funds the purchase of Autogas vehicles

The Minister of Employment, Enterprise and Trade, Javier Carnero, announced the ‘Smart Grids’ initiative, which will help improve quality and energy efficiency in Andalusia municipalities. The aid totals 27 million euros and includes 16 measures for the development of the so-called “Smart Grids,” the decarbonisation of the transport and the development of energy services for this sector.

Regarding transport decarbonisation, the initiative will focus on the refuelling infrastructure for alternative fuel vehicles, including Autogas, for citizens, companies and municipalities, and in the acquisition or transformation of energy-efficient vehicles (LPG, CNG, hybrids, electric, fuel cell or biofuels) for public fleets of security, social, educational, health, cleaning and passenger transport services, among others.

The minimum investments required range from 500 to 3,000 euros in the case of those relating to facilities to refuel alternative fuels. The aid will cover about 3,000 initiatives, will enable the installation of 400 vehicle refuelling points, facilitate some 2,800 new jobs and enable the commissioning of 2,000 efficient vehicles.

The Andalusia Energy Agency, an entity attached to the Ministry of Employment, Enterprise and Trade, will be in charge of managing these incentives aimed at boosting the transformation of Andalusia cities towards an energy-smart city model. The aid can be accessed by private citizens, self-employed, businesses, public administrations and other entities. Application period opened on 25 September.

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