Spanish pioneering Autogas truck will have guarantee of Atlántica Garantía

Herko, Spanish truck manufacturer dedicated to the development of last-mile trucks powered by LPG and bioLPG, has signed a collaboration agreement with Atlántica Garantía, a company specialised in guarantee solutions and services.

The agreement between both companies establishes that Atlántica Garantía will be in charge of guaranteeing for up to 5 years, from the first kilometre, the Herko Bios 35, the truck that Herko will manufacture from September of this year in Zierbena, Basque Country. This covers both the mechanical and electrical aspects of these vehicles.

The conditions of the contract define an innovative guarantee coverage tailored to the needs of 100% Autogas vehicles. “This agreement is very important for our company, including the guarantee program for this production plant in Spain and Europe,” said Bernabé Gómez, Commercial Director of Atlántica Garantía.

It is expected that, in its first years, Herko will produce around 1,500 units of the Herko Bios 35. This vehicle has a 4-cylinder engine, manufactured by BeGas, that provides powers up to 140HP, and has a range of more than 800 kilometres without refuelling.

To date, the company has 36 trucks pre-sold to Urbaser, Cepsa, among other companies, which will be delivered before December 2023. In addition, they have already received purchase intentions for more than 700 vehicles, as assured by the manufacturer.

Herko’s Autogas solution make it possible to meet the demanding environmental standards of the European Commission without sacrificing profitability or competitiveness.

Source: Diario Siglo XXI

10 May 2023