Spanish local authority achieves great savings with new Autogas fleet

Spanish municipal public company Gestión y Servicios de Paterna (GESPA) is replacing its old vehicles with new cars that will run on LPG instead of traditional fuels such as diesel or gasoline.

In this city of 70,000 inhabitants in the Valencian Community, this transition will allow GESPA to save of up to 40% in each refuelling, which translates into savings of 47,255 euros over the four years duration of the contract, according to José Manuel Mora, from the Paterna City Council.

Mora also highlighted GESPA is committed to protecting the environment and stated: “Along with the economic savings, we are also contributing to the improvement of air quality, especially in urban areas, as the new fleet of Autogas vehicles reduces NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions by up to 96%.”

Moreover, Autogas emits almost no particles, which are harmful to human health, and 14% less CO2 than a gasoline vehicle, added Mora. For more information, please check this link.

14 July 2018