Spanish green mobility plan allocates over €1,3M to boost Autogas adoption


The Council of Ministers approved a Royal Decree that regulates the granting of aid for the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles (2017 Movea Plan). This initiative is part of the Strategy for the Promotion of Vehicles with Alternative Energies launched in 2014 and valid until 2020. Exclusively promoting the acquisition of vehicles running on clean fuels, including Autogas, the plan has allocated a total amount of 14.26 million euros in aids, charged to the General State Budget for 2017.

The Spanish Association of LPG operators (AOGLP) described the launching of the 2017 Movea Plan as very favourable, as aids for Autogas are a boost to the sector in its commitment to sustainable mobility, with more than 550 refuelling stations, with almost no particulate emissions and NOx and reduced CO2 emissions.

The deadline for applying is extended until October 15, 2017 or until the available funds are exhausted. The plan will allow users to obtain a grant of up to € 2,750 in the purchase of their new Autogas vehicle, if the old vehicle is also provided.

Santiago Pérez, director of AOGLP, foresees that the subsidies awarded for the purchase of Autogas vehicles, estimated at 1,375,000 euros, will soon be exhausted. “Last year, with practically the same budget, 75% of the funds were sold out in a week,” he said. “We have about 17% of drivers who would be willing to buy an Autogas car, so we are optimistic about the evolution of this Movea scheme and we are confident that PIVE plans (Efficient Vehicle Incentive Programme) established by the end of the year continue to support our sector.”

At present there are over 50,000 Autogas vehicles and a refuelling station network prepared to service more than 160,000 cars. If you want to know more, please visit this link.