Spanish government awards new aid for professional vehicles running on LPG

Royal Decree-Law 20/2022 approved a new extraordinary and temporary relief to cover the price of certain energy products for road transport companies and vehicles for professional use. From 1 April, transporters with LPG, CNG or LNG vehicles can request aid for fuel discounts on the Tax Agency website. The aid must be requested as a deadline before 31 May, with its collection expected from May.

The Ministry of Transport planned this direct aid system in a single payment whose amounts have been set by estimating the approximate number of litres that each category of vehicle would consume during a six-month period, given the technical impossibility of being able to control the litres effectively consumed by the drivers.

The aids range from 410 euros for taxis, 450 euros for vans, 1,000 euros for medium-duty vehicles, 2,000 euros for buses and 3,690 euros for heavy-duty trucks, powered by Autogas or natural gas.

Likewise, this single payment system will be applied to the carriers of any authorised transport vehicle who are resident in the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands or in the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, as there is a differentiated taxation for fuel in those territories compared to the rest of Spain.

In any case, only the self-employed and companies that carry out public transport by road and whose vehicles are provided with a public transport authorisation as of the date of December 28, will be able to access the aid.

Source: Diario de Transporte

12 April 2023