Spanish food company switches fleet to alternative fuels

As part of its 2017-2019 green strategy’s commitment to economic, social and environmental sustainability, Mercamadrid S.A. is promoting the gradual replacement of the use of polluting fuels and vehicles to cleaner alternatives.

In only 12 months, the company has replaced a 100% diesel-powered fleet with vehicles running on environmentally friendly fuels, including Autogas, which in addition to emitting less polluting particles into the atmosphere, allows a saving of between 45% in fuel costs compared to gasoline. This alternative fuel contributes to improving air quality, especially in urban areas, as it reduces NOx emissions by 68% and 15% of CO2 when compared to gasoline.

In order to speed up the adoption of alternative energies, Mercamadrid’s Food Unit will also make its alternative fuel station available, so that other company’s fleets can refuel there.

This initiative confirms Mercamadrid’s bet on a more sustainable environment and joins other measures recently undertaken, such as the replacement of the entire market’s cleaning fleet with LPG and LNG-powered vehicles.

This transition is also consistent with the company’s new cleaning and waste management model, result of the Pact for Sustainability, signed by the Food Unit’s associations and companies in 2016. For more information, please check this link.

14 March 2018