Spanish energy company guarantees 1,500 LPG stations by 2020

Jaime Fernández Cuesta, Repsol’s LPG executive director, assured that the energy company has a wide network of Autogas stations in Spain, with more than 500 refuelling facilities, which will become 1,500 in the next three years, capable of supplying five times the number of vehicles in the country.

Although at present the number of refuelling points is more than sufficient to meet current national demand, Autogas is the “alternative fuel that has more potential to grow and adapt to the market needs, unlike other alternative energies that have a more complicated prospect, since LPG stations only need a tank and a dispenser with a small investment. This cannot be done by other alternative fuels,” said Fernández Cuesta.

He also commented that the Government is not sufficiently supporting the use of Autogas compared to other alternatives. “In fact, although the reception is usually good, some Autonomous Communities does not want to hear about Autogas, usually by ignorance,” he explained. And this is one of the aspirations of the Spanish Autogas Cluster, of which Fernández Cuesta is the president.

The Cluster wants administrations to support the use of Autogas in the same way that are supporting the expansion of electric vehicles, due to Autogas environmental and economic advantages, as well as greater vehicle drive range compared to traditional fuels (1,200 kilometres without refuelling, of which 600 kilometres are made with Autogas), and the immediacy and availability of the fuel thanks to the wide station network.

Moreover, Fernández Cuesta said that Repsol has a wide range of fleet vehicles running on LPG. In this line, the company has implemented an intercity mobility service with these vehicles available to transport employees.

The Autogas Cluster was born in October 2016 with the main objective of promoting the use of Autogas as an alternative fuel, as well as improving the competitiveness of related sectors, promoting the research, development and innovation of the products and services of all its members. It is a multisectoral association, founded by nine companies and entities representing the entire LPG chain, including Repsol, Cepsa and Disa; vehicle and component manufacturers such as Peugeot (PSA), Fiat Chrysler, King Long and Begas Motor; and technology centres such as Idiada and the Centre of Thermal Motors of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

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