Spanish companies partner to reinforce Autogas use in rental cars



Car rental company CICAR and energy supplier DISA have signed a commercial agreement to offer drivers renting CICAR’s vehicles a direct discount at DISA and Shell multi-fuel stations located in the Canary Islands. The collaboration also includes the promotion of Autogas, as CICAR is introducing more LPG-powered cars to its fleet, being one of the first rental car companies in Spain that offers cars running on this alternative fuel..

With this commercial agreement, both business groups are expected to reach more than 600,000 customers each year and thus encourage sustainable refuelling throughout the network of DISA and Shell stations.

Both companies had long been cooperating in some specific projects such as the Canary Island rally, with the launch of the Adam DISA Max Cup. However, with this new partnership, they will take their business relationship to a new level, supporting also the deployment of Autogas vehicles.

As well as CICAR, DISA is present in each of the seven islands of the Canary archipelago, and has been a huge promoter of the benefits associated with the use of LPG as a mobility fuel. If you want more information, please visit this link.