Spain: Vigo taxi drivers considering transition to Autogas

The way of moving through cities changes and public transport vehicles are constantly adapting to new realities, while more governments and administrations add alternative fuel technologies to reduce their emissions of harmful gases.

This is the case of the taxi sector, which met in Vigo to learn the latest market developments and create a new present. Vigo taxi drivers gathered to get a first-hand look at new Citroën Autogas vehicles, more efficient than the models that currently operate around the city.

Representatives of PSA Spain, specifically the Citroën brand, presented the latest innovations in more efficient and less polluting Autogas versions, as well as the best deals for taxi professionals.

During the meeting, drivers who are members of the Association of Taxi Operators of Vigo met with Miguel Ángel Leal, the president of the Spanish Taxi Federation (featuring 42,000 taxi drivers throughout Spain), and members of the professional magazine Yotaxi to analyse the sector developments, including the transition to LPG.

There are currently over 50 taxis operating on Autogas in the municipality of Vigo. For more information, please visit this link.