Spain: Toyota and Dacia were the most converted cars to LPG in 2022

Conversions of gasoline-powered vehicles to run on Autogas have increased 36.5% last year, compared to 2021. The implementation of Low Emission Zones and the urgency to obtain the ECO label from the Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) have prompted Spanish drivers to turn to this alternative.

As of 1 January, and according to the Climate Change Law and with the goal to reduce pollution in large urban centres, all municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants must incorporate at least one Low Emission Zone. In this sense, having a vehicle with an ECO label is key to guaranteeing free access, movement and parking in these areas.

Although all eyes are on electric vehicles, intermediate solutions are still interesting to achieve efficient sustainable mobility and begin to travel the path towards decarbonisation. In this regard, more and more taxi and fleet drivers, who continue to be very relevant in the conversions segment, are choosing to transform their gasoline cars to LPG, an option that is not only more sustainable but also saves up to 40% when it comes to refuelling.

The models that have been converted the most in 2022 were Toyota and Dacia, according to the Association of Vehicle Transformers (ASTRAVE).

Toyota stands as the brand with the most conversions to LPG. In the case of the Prius, Prius Plus and Corolla models, this is because they make up a large part of the taxi fleet in Spain, and taxis are one of the sectors in which the most transformations are carried out to obtain the ECO label. In addition to these, there are two other Toyota models in the ranking: RAV4 and Auris.

In second place is Dacia, with the Duster and Sandero models as the main references. Kia, Ford, Porsche and Fiat are the brands that complete this ranking, which is expected to cover more and more car brands.


29 March 2023