Spain: Repsol and Ford cover nearly 4,000 kilometres on Autogas with only 230 Euros

The Ford Fiesta LPG Tour, an initiative of Ford Spain and Repsol, has successfully concluded at the Repsol Campus in Madrid after 3,823 kilometres made in eight stages. The journey, which took 34 hours and cost only 231 Euros of LPG fuel, has toured nine of the main Spanish cities with the aim of promoting sustainable mobility with Autogas, as an eco-friendly, real and affordable alternative fuel for reducing emissions.

The brand-new Ford Fiesta LPG has been the protagonist of this initiative. The car has a range of 1,000 kilometres by combining its two tanks, Autogas and gasoline. According to Ford, this new version helps expand mobility options and offers a cleaner and cheaper option for users. In addition, it is not affected by traffic restrictions in large cities as it receives the ECO label from the Spanish Directorate General for Traffic (DGT).

The route has been covered exclusively with LPG thanks to the robust refuelling infrastructure that offers this clean fuel, with a total of 670 facilities in the Iberian Peninsula, of which 60% are operated by Repsol.

“Besides being a solution that offers great autonomy, there is a wide network of service stations with Autogas to refuel,” commented the Head of Repsol Autogas, Estíbaliz Pombo. For more information, please visit this link.

4 December 2019