Spain: Piaggio offers solution for urban mobility with new eco-friendly Porter NP6

The current framework of anti-pollution regulations in cities limits drivers when it comes to accessing them, both to municipal services and to the different companies and professionals who need to carry out their activity. Commercial vehicles are no strangers to these restrictions, adding the problem of load and size limitations.

For this reason, the new Piaggio Porter NP6 is proposed as a key solution that simultaneously guarantees high load capacity (up to 1,600 kg on chassis), reduced dimensions, great handling and environmentally-friendly engines. In addition, it is efficient in performance, but also competitive in costs, both for purchase and operation.

The new Piaggio Porter NP6 comes out with two ECO-labelled engines, an LPG/gasoline version and another with CNG/gasoline system. This green choice not only offers tangible benefits for the customer in terms of reduced fuel costs, but also a more responsive approach in line with the latest requirements to be able to work in urban settings, subject to increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

These Euro 6D engines offer reduced fuel costs compared to a gasoline engine, more autonomy thanks to the second tank and easy access to city centres due to its ECO label, issued by the Spanish Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT).

Positioned longitudinally below the cab, the Porter NP6 engine has a displacement of 1,500cc, an in-line 4-cylinder system and indirect electronic injection. Optionally, the Short and Long Range versions are available, depending on the radius of action of the mission to be carried out.

Moreover, its more than 1,000 versions satisfy any professional mission profile while the wide range of customisation possibilities gives it the ability to adapt to any need. Its dimensions are also small enough to guarantee access both to basements and to narrow paths such as parks and gardens, while its design allows it, without being a 4×4, to overcome terrain obstacles that would be impossible for similar vehicles. For more information, please check this link.

Photo: Piaggio Spain

28 September 2022