Spain: MOVEA Plan successfully supports alternative fuels


The 2016 MOVEA (Plan to Boost Mobility with Alternative Energy Vehicles) Plan, the Spanish Government’s initiative to encourage the use of alternative energies, such as Autogas, has been a success and has received a very positive reception from buyers and have exhausted all its funds.

The MOVEA Plan has allocated funds in financial aid for the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles such as Autogas. The aid to promote the use of alternative energies has had a very positive reception in the country. In this case, the reaction from buyers has also been very positive, exhausting all funds.

This plan regulates the direct granting of subsidies for the purchase of alternative energy vehicles in 2016 and unifies State aid under one plan contained in the MOVELLE and PIMA Aire Programs. Funds total 16.6 million euros and are being allocated to the direct acquisition, leasing or renting of new vehicles that use CNG, LNG, LPG, hydrogen fuel cells or electricity, as their means of propulsion, as well as for electric motorcycles and electric motor-assisted bicycles. The amounts go from 200 to 20,000 euros.

Galp has joined the industry and public institutions’ commitment and efforts in the development of this key plan, thus reaffirming its responsibility to sustainability and environmental care.

Sergio Hernandez Dominguez, head of LPG in Galp, stated: “Autogas has become the most widely used alternative fuel in our country. It is a clean, efficient and economical alternative fuel with many advantages for the environment and consumers. All indications are that the demand for this fuel will increase in coming years, diversifying fuel options offered in our country.”

The company continues its diversification strategy, reinforcing the growth of its refuelling stations, in order to meet the growing demand for this fuel.