Spain: Málaga City Council and Tecnobús partner on Autogas conversion project

Tecnobús received a delegation from the Málaga City Council, headed by the Mayor Francisco de la Torre Prados, at its facilities, where it was able to show its technology for converting diesel engines to LPG. The meeting included other businessmen from the sector and addressed the importance of promoting sustainable mobility, consistent with the well-being of citizens.

The Malaga City Council signed an agreement to modify a bus from the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) fleet and a vehicle from Limpieza de Málaga S.A.M (Limasam) in order to check how this technology works, which is offered as a real alternative to the difficulty of electrifying road transport with current battery technology.

Manuel Romero founded Tecnobús three decades ago. The company began its activity focusing its resources on technical assistance in the road transport sector. Later, it was covering other fields of transport, but always related to large engines. Currently, it not only converts engines for trucks and buses, but also for ships and trains.

“The number of kilometres that an industrial vehicle travels is much higher, so the amortisation is also fast,” the company highlights. The average price of Autogas in Spain is about 0.95 euros, against 1.41 euros that diesel currently costs.

In addition, with the conversion, the much-prized DGT ECO label is obtained, allowing the vehicle to enter areas restricted to other vehicles, and this is essential in road transport, both for passengers and goods.

“Tecnobús sees an opportunity for growth in this field, carrying out the entire vehicle conversion process, from the mechanical to the administrative modification, giving the customer their own vehicle, now with a dual fuel engine, which can run on both diesel and LPG interchangeably, and also with the ECO label,” Romero explained.

Photo: Mayor Francisco de la Torre Prados

Source: El Español

24 May 2023